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Tax Audit forms an important part of the corporate planning exercise for the organizations. With sound and effective tax planning strategies in place, organizations can enjoy the benefits of minimizing the associated business risks and liabilities. Tax audit services assist both individuals and organizations with proper tax planning regime in lieu of the taxation laws and industrial regulations by integrating tax planning with the overall business objectives that helps organizations better respond to the changing environment and take advantage of the growing market opportunities.

S P Gupta has the necessary expertise combined with vast experience in providing value-added services in the area of Tax Audit to individuals and organizations by providing cost-effective and practical solutions that minimize the tax risks and assists companies to extend their business capabilities to reach a wider market while improving profitability.

S P Gupta has been providing Tax Audit services in the following areas:

Process Management: A good annual report instills strong confidence among investors, customers, external stakeholders and the internal employees about the financial health of the company. S P Gupta understands this need and seeks to assist organizations in the tax audit process by helping them in preparing annual audit and corporate annual report with the ultimate aim of adding greater value to the corporate image of the client by enhancing their growth prospects for the future.

Value Added Tax (VAT) Services: Most of the companies find it difficult to manage the complex tax regime under VAT due to the complexities involved in the process of legislation and documentation. At S P Gupta we help our clients manage the VAT process more efficiently by making the process smoother and cost effective. We assist our clients with planning and managing VAT, legal advice on laws governing VAT, process of VAT registration and control including managing returns on VAT.

Tax Planning: Corporate tax and Personal tax planning requires sound and effective strategies that can help both individuals and organizations in minimizing risks and uncertainties faced in business. S P Gupta seeks to address this need by assisting companies and individuals by giving maximum tax relief by minimizing the tax burden in the most optimal way. S P Gupta negotiates on behalf on its clients with the tax agencies and the government to ensure that the clients derives increased benefits of tax opportunities by meeting the regulatory requirements.

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